About ANAE

What is ANAE?

ANAE is a membership-driven organization focused on professional development for corporate and national accounts executives calling on group purchasing organizations (GPOs), regional purchasing organizations (RPCs), accountable care organizations (ACOs), integrated delivery networks (IDNs), individual hospitals, national and regional distribution companies, and managed care organizations.

Membership Benefits:

  • Attendance to the ANAE Supply Chain Leaders Learning Series – a monthly interactive webinar with a supply chain leader (view calendar)
  • Access to our online library of content, including industry training, conference presentations, and topic specific blog posts created specifically for National Accounts Executives
  • Regional ANAE events
  • Registration discount to the Annual Conference (this discount of $349 will cover your membership fee)
  • Access to a community of other National Accounts Executives where you can ask and answer questions about your challenges and successes

If you are a Corporate or National Accounts Executive, ANAE is the professional development organization for you!