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  • The Cleveland Clinic’s Simrit Sandhu will be the first guest of 2018 on ANAE Supply Chain Leaders Learning Series

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  • Intermountain Healthcare, Ascension, SSM Health, Trinity and the VA start a nonprofit drug company

    “Rather than waiting and hoping for generic drug companies to address this need, we are taking this bold step on behalf of those we are privileged to serve,” Tony Tersigni, CEO of Ascension.

    Wow this is a bold move! Does this make my predication below come true?

    This will be really exciting to watch but it actually makes for more questions than answers.

    Will they sell to other IDNs?
    What is next? Devices? Capital equipment? Office supplies?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Email me here with your opinions.

  • My 5 predictions for 2018!

    It is always fun starting a new year with a few predictions. I tried to be a little provocative this year with some predictions that may be a little on the fringe.

    I didn’t go for obvious predictions like:

    1. The big will get bigger.
    2. Trump isn’t finished with healthcare changes.
    3. Federation will be the best meeting of the year.

    But I did make predictions about Amazon, a major GPO being bought, cyber-security and more.

    For the full list, click below.

    Full article

  • Need more hours in the day for what is important?
    If you said yes, I have a treat for you! You must read “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown.It is a quick read that may change your life.

    Here are 4 highlights I took from Essentialism.

    1. Do less in life, but do it better. Being busy is not the key to success, focusing on your essential intent is.

    2. This visual to the left is so powerful. Suppose you have 12 units of energy and they are all expended on one essential pursuit, as opposed to 12 different initiatives. Look at the progress you could make!

    3.W-I-N should be your sole focus with whatever you are working on; be it family, work, hobbies … anything! Always start with W-I-N. What’s Important Now!

    4.Plan for uncertainty as opposed to being surprised by it.

    None of us saw the ACA, Vizient buying MedAssets or IDN-owned GPOs coming, but we should have been prepared for these big changes and others. McKeown gives great tactics to prepare for things like Amazon opening Hospitals, Watson doing surgery and Trump being elected President.

    If you read this book let me know your thoughts. Thanks to Joe Walsh for the suggestion of this book. You can buy the book here if you are interested.

  • Medical Device Tax Returns

    The 2-year moratorium expired on the 2.3% excise medical device tax. So the 2.3% tax has been reinstated.

    Many of us in the industry are very concerned this will greatly decrease investment in R&D and jobs at device manufacturers.

    Scott Adams, publisher of Repertoire Magazine, and Linda Rouse O’Neill, VP of government affairs for HIDA, discuss the urgent need for industry action on the medical device tax.

    This is a great comprehensive discussion that will bring you up to speed on the device tax and what you can do to opinionate on the reinstated tax!

    Link to recording

  • Ginny Borncamp, Senior VP, chief sourcing officer Providence St. Joseph Health, Renton, Washington on Healthcare Supply Chain Radio

    Ginny Borncamp, Senior VP, chief sourcing officer, Providence St. Joseph Health, Renton, Washington is my guest on the latest edition of Healthcare Supply Chain Radio.

    Ms. Borncamp is responsible for Strategic Sourcing, Accounts Payable and Value Analysis for Providence/St. Jospeh’s 50 hospitals and over 1,000 physician offices.

    Listen to where this progressive Supply Chain Leader is guiding this major IDN!

    Click here to listen to the podcast

  • Scott Caldwell, president and CEO of The Resource Group, gives great insight to the Supply Chain Leader of the future!

    The way Hospitals and IDNs buy has changed drastically in the last few years and one major reason is the people they have in place has greatly improved.

    Scott Caldwell gives a great inside view to how The Resource Group, a subsidiary of Ascension, values, prioritizes and deploys supply chain talent.

    I think this is a very important article for suppliers to read. It shows you the future is here today and the skills you need to be successful today and tomorrow are markedly different than yesteryear.

    Caldwell explores three topics that I think you should pay attention to;

    When hiring they ensure the candidate’s personal values align with the organization. Having great skills is no longer enough!
    Millennials are 48% of The Resource Group’s workforce! Suppliers take heed, do you know what Millennials value? How they want to communicate with you? You better learn!
    Elevating the profile and stature of Supply Chain Leaders is a major initiative. If you think Supply Chain Leaders have the ear of the C-suite today, it will be even more so tomorrow.

    This is a must-read for any National Accounts Executive that really wants to understand Supply Chain talent of tomorrow. In many cases, they are here today!

    Click here for full article

  • ANAE announces Q1 Supply Chain Learning Series Guests

    The Association of National Accounts Executives (ANAE) announced the first quarter guests in its monthly webinar series.

    These webinars are free for ANAE members. Annual membership is $295.

    January 22, 2018
    11:00AM- 12:00 PM Eastern
    Simrit Sandhu
    Executive Director of Supply Chain
    Cleveland Clinic

    February 13, 2018
    11:00-12:00 PM Eastern
    Donna Van Vlerah
    Senior Vice President, Support Division
    Parkview Health
    Fort Wayne, Indiana

    March 19, 2018
    1:00-2:00 PM Eastern
    LeAnn Born
    Vice President of Supply Chain
    Fairview Health Services

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