Worth the read… A Bitter Pill by Steven Brill

ANAE would like to offer you a copy of Time Magazine’s article Bitter Pill by Steven Brill at no cost to you. Click the article cover below to get your copy.


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I was fascinated by his argument that not-for-profit systems have to spend their “profits” to keep their not-for-profit status, creating upward pressure on costs. If systems spend their earnings on buildings and staff that need continued escalating revenue to operate, the cost for operations certainly is going up. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of spending on more capacity that may or may not be needed, that money was spent on better products, services and wellness of the patient population? This might explain why there is 33 million square feet of healthcare provider space under construction today.

The foundation of the article is built on the premise that through reform we have addressed a secondary question of “who should pay the bill,” not dug into the most important question which is “why is the bill so high?” I could not agree more. As for why costs are so high, I have my own ideas that I will cover in future blogs, but for now, I highly recommend you read Bitter Pill.

This article could change the conversation between buyers and sellers in the U.S. Healthcare Supply Chain. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Bitter Pill.

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