The Impact of IDN and GPO Consolidation on the Healthcare Industry

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The healthcare market is complex, and continued consolidation among facilities and organizations in the healthcare supply chain have made it even more difficult to navigate. If you’re selling into this industry, understanding how these changes are impacting the market, coupled with the latest data and insights, are crucial to your success.

Join us for a 1-hour webinar on Thursday, December 7, at 3:00 ET.

In this webinar, healthcare industry expert John Pritchard will cover:

Specific strategies on selling into this complex, evolving landscape
How to take advantage of key intelligence and data
Overcoming the challenges of the contract arena
His personal experience and success stories

About the presenter:

John Pritchard is the President of Share Moving Media, a leading publishing and content company providing services to providers, manufacturers and distributors involved in the business of healthcare. John was the founder and publisher of The MAX database, featuring profiles of IDNs, GPOs, RPCs and over 225,000 other healthcare providers, which was sold to Definitive Healthcare in 2015.

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