Shortage of IV Bags continues

It’s never good when our industry is on the cover of The Wall Street Journal, and that is exactly what I found this Monday morning.

The quote that really jumped out at me is:

“It’s hard to overstate the public-health crisis,” said Craig Frost, vice president of clinical pharmacy services at Catholic Health Initiatives. “It’s a fundamental part of patient care.”

I think everyone is greatly concerned that a heavy flu season and this shortage could create a perfect storm none of us want to see.

Interestingly, the article also shows market share by supplier:

Market-research firm IBISWorld estimated Baxter holds 44% of the U.S. IV solutions market, followed by Hospira Inc., now part of ICU Medical Inc., with 31%, and B. Braun with 10%.

Being an eternal optimist I am hopeful relief is in sight and take comfort in FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb’s comment that it should improve within two months.

A link to the full article is below.

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