National Accounts survey reveals expected growth for 2018

Last week’s NAW survey inquired about how much growth you are asked to deliver in 2018. Below are the answers we received.

11-17% growth was the most common answer, followed by 5-10% growth. Those 2 responses, combined, garnered 75% of all responses.

What percentage growth are you tasked with in 2018?
0-4% 15%
5-10% 25%
11-17% 50%
18-24% 5%
25% or more 5%

In this week’s survey we ask about consolidation. This week the CVS-Aetna and Advocate-Aurora mergers were announced, both huge deals.

Everytime a big merger is announced my phone rings off the hook with people asking How many IDNs will we end up with? To contribute your answer click below.

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