Apple “extremely interested” in entering healthcare

Apple, the world’s largest IT company by revenue, is clearly starting to focus on healthcare. For the past few years analysts have wondered if they will enter through one of two avenues; the Personal Health Record (PHR) or via diagnostic devices.

Personal Health Records certainly makes sense. People can have their records with them at all times, just a swipe, swipe, click away on their phone, iPad or laptop.

Diagnostic devices also makes sense. Your imagination can run wild thinking of all the gadgets you could add to an iPhone to measure a myriad of findings on the body. Apple CEO Tim Cook made it clear he is interested in products that are reimbursable by Medicare and Medicaid.

Consumers and patients seem to be starting to blend into more similar personas. This is probably the most important fact for Apple when deciding to enter Healthcare. In other words, people seem ok with having their blood analyzed the same way they do the operating system on their phone.

Healthcare Dive does a great comprehensive story on this topic that you can read by clicking below.

Full article here

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